Squint / Cross eyes is a misalignment of eyes. It can occur in one or both eyes. One eye is directed straight whereas the other is directed inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards.

It is presumed to happen because of dysfunction of eye muscles or nerves.

Squint in kids is commonly associated with an uncorrected refractive error or lazy eye. Rarely, it may present as double vision in cases of nerve paralysis.


Our doctors at Comet eye Hospitals offer state of art facilities in the evaluation and treatment of squints. They will guide and recommend a tailored approach for the correction of squint. 


Non-surgical treatment:

Uncorrected refractive error in both myopia (minus) and Hypermetropia (plus) may result in a squint. It is very common for kids to have refractive error as the underlying cause of squint. Prescribing glasses results in the correction of squint for many children. Patching the good eye and making children see with the lazy eye results in better vision and improves the control of squint.


Surgical treatment:

If the above methods fail, the squint can be corrected with surgery. It is a gratifying surgery. Not just cosmesis, it improves the overall morale and confidence of a patient. The surgery involves operating on the muscles of the eye which are located outside the eyes. The surgery is done via a fornix incision (white portion of the eye). Stitches which are used get absorbed by themselves and don’t leave any scars. Since it’s surgery on the outside of the eye, it doesn’t hamper the vision.

It is a daycare procedure not warranting any admission.  



 1] My eyes squint since childhood. Can squint be corrected now in adulthood?

Yes, it can be corrected. Age is not a bar.


2] Does the surgery leave a scar? Will anyone be able to make out whether surgery is done?

There is no visible scar after the surgery. 


3] Is squint surgery a cosmetic surgery?

Besides improving the cosmesis, squint correction improves binocular single vision (3D vision)


4] You have a squint and still thinking about what to do about it. Why think when it can be corrected? 

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